Pay day supermarket finds!

Wednesday is pay day for me and therefore – more often than not – also requires a post-work trip to the supermarket if I actually want anything to eat that night (the pantry in my house is generally pretty bare by Tuesday each week).

I don’t love supermarkets – I would prefer to support smaller independent retailers – but the lack of any farmers’ markets between my office and home generally means Coles gets my business on Wednesdays evenings.

When I’m there however I always make sure I check out the beauty aisle to see if they are improving their offering of cruelty-free products. If you see a woman crawling around on her hands and knees reading the backs of the products on the bottom shelves (surprise surprise it’s only the big budget non-cruelty free brands that seem to make it to eye level) then it’s probably me – come say hello!

I get excited when I find something new. Not only is there something new for me to trial – but hopefully more people will find it easier to choose cruelty free!

Anyway – tonight I stopped at Coles at Westfield Carindale (originally intending only to get some kale and yoghurt) and I found four new ‘not tested on animals’ products to try:

Will give them all a run this week and review them soon!

CP xx

Reviews coming soon!

Reviews coming soon!

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