Thankyou for handwash!

Whenever I’m in the supermarkets I always make sure I take a quick stroll through the cosmetic and toiletries aisles to see if there are any new cruelty-free products.

On my last visit to Coles I noticed a new range called Thankyou.

My initial inspection gave it the thumbs up as it is both vegan friendly and not tested on animals. However it was not until I got home and looked at the website that I discovered just how great this brand is.

Thankyou describes itself as a ‘social’ enterprise – with all of their profits being put into life changing products in the developing world.

The brand was created in 2008, when 3 university students realised that 900 million people in the world did not have access to safe drinking water, yet we Australians spend $600 million every year on bottled water. A number that seems even more crazy when you consider that, unlike 900 million other people, we can just drink it from the tap.

They created a plan to develop a bottled water company just to fund safe water projects in developing nations. Wow – serious kudos to these people! University days were a long time ago for me now – but I’m afraid mine were more about social drinking than social movements!

The brand has evolved now from just water to include a food range – breakfast cereals and muesli bars – and a body range, which includes two hand washes and a hand sanitiser.

Thankyou Hand Wash - $7.99

Thankyou Hand Wash – $7.99

Ethical sourcing is also a key component of the body range – meaning all products must be sourced from manufacturers that comply with laws and regulations relating to wages, working hours, health and safety, the environment and child labour, to name a few.

The hand washes come in two varieties – patchouli & vanilla, and sweet orange and almond – and are very reasonably priced at $7.99 for 500ml. Stockists include Coles, Woolworths and IGA.

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