Fake Livers Could Replace Animal Testing

Let me start by re-affirming that we do not take a stand on animal testing for pharmaceutical products on this site (but will never back down on our belief that it has no place in the production of cosmetic or household products).

Its obviously an area however that we have an interest in and we read with interest however that scientists have developed a ‘fake’ liver that appears to be as effective for drug testing purposes as testing on real animal livers.

According to the scientists:

“Researchers in drug discovery make small quantities of new potential drug compounds and then test them in animals … it is a very painstaking, laborious and costly process.”
“Frequently, scientists have to sacrifice many animals, and even after all that, the results are not optimal.”

The chemosynthetic livers appear to work just as well as live animal testing:

“These chemosynthetic livers not only produce the same metabolites as live animals in a fraction of the time, but they also provide a more comprehensive metabolic profile, in far larger quantities for further testing and analysis.”

Apparently the have tested more than 50 drugs so far on the fake livers and they have accurately mimicked how the human body processes these drugs.

Fascinating stuff – not only might this mean removing some of the animal testing in the production of medicines, but it might in fact be more effective.

Read more here.

CP x

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