The Telegraph’s 10 Best Cruelty Free Beauty Products

To celebrate the one year anniversary of the ban on all animal testing with the EU, The Telegraph in the UK put together their list of the top ten best Leaping Bunny certified beauty products – see the article here.

The list included:

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 1.28.34 PM

The inclusion of Marks and Spencers was a surprise to us as we didn’t realise they were in fact a cruelty free brand – but it appears they pass the test and guarantee that all M&S household and beauty products are guaranteed not to be tested on animals. Yay for M&S – we knew we loved them for more than just their foodhall and undies!

The one we still struggle with however is The Body Shop. Although they as a brand do not test on animals, they are owned by the L’Oreal group who (lets be honest) don’t have the best reputation in this area.

For us The Body Shop is a ‘no buy’ brand (hence why they are not on our cruelty free lists) as ultimately their profits are going back to a parent entity that does not hold the values that we like to see in companies we support.

CP x

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