Pinterest success – easy up do

I’ll start today by acknowledging this is a bit off track and I promise I’m not going to start posting a whole heap of DIY hair ‘how-to’ stories/videos – we’re still all about cruelty-free beauty and healthy living, I was just so surprised by my own success that I wanted to share this one.

(In fairness, I did also only use cruelty-free hair products so have stayed somewhat true to my blog promise!)

So back to the story…a couple of weeks ago I won tickets to a super fancy-pants marquee at the Brisbane Winter Racing Carnival’s Stradbroke Day.

Yay for the win, but as any girl knows the excitement of heading to the track can be quickly and easily lost as the worry of what to wear – and just WHAT to do with my hair – starts to kick in.

Luckily I had a race-suitable dress in the back of my wardrobe that had only had one previous outing – but what I was going to do with my hair was a still problem. Saturday mornings are also spent racing between swimming and dancing lessons for my little Miss six, leaving only an hour of free time between getting home and heading back out to drop Miss six at the babysitters, so there was no chance of getting to the salon.

Since DIY was going to be my only option I headed over to Pinterest a couple of nights before the big day and started searching for some easy ‘up’ styles.

I remained very apprehensive about the outcome (I don’t have a great history with DIY hair) – but found a low chignon bun from The Small Things Blog that looked easy(??) enough – so decided to give that a go.

The tutorial video is here:

As Kate in the video suggests, I started off by ‘roughly’ curling my hair with large-barrel tongs and then just followed the rest of her instructions. My hair is too long however to do the initial bun-like pony tail she starts off with, so I improvised by just rolling my hair outwardly and upwards and then pinning.

I’ve also realised in retrospect that I missed the final part of lifting the bun and pinning it over the wrapped sections – BUT I have to say for a 15 minute effort I managed to impress myself!

Easy DIY low-chignon bun

Easy DIY low-chignon bun

Note to self – must be more open to experimenting more!

CP x


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