Product Review: Yes To Blueberries Age Refresh Smoothing Daily Cleanser

The Yes To brand (which I originally wrote about here) has five core skin ranges:

  • Yes To Carrots – for normal to dry skin (and a fragrance free version for sensitive skin);
  • Yes To Cucumbers – which is gentle/hypoallergenic for normal or sensitive skin;
  • Yes To Tomatoes – for combination or acne-prone skin;
  • Yes To Blueberries – to treat find lines and nourish age damaged skin; and
  • Yes To Grapefruit – to correct and repair uneven skin tone.

My only real concern (currently) with my skin is that the signs of aging are well and truly starting to kick in, so when I selected a product to trial I decided to go for something from the Yes To Blueberries range.


Yes To Blueberries Smoothing Daily Cleanser 3

Yes To Blueberries Smoothing Daily Cleanser ($14.99 from Priceline) promises to deliver a ‘soft, gentle, oh-so-clean feeling.’

this creamy cleanser is formulated with apple, which is rich in powerful anti-oxidants and natural alpha-hydroxy acids to help refresh and brighten skin; and lemon peel, a naturally derived cleanser to help sweep away dirt and grime and brighten the skin…

The fragrance is quite pleasant – creamy, not chemical – but with ingredients including shea butter and coconut oil, Smoothing Daily Cleanser is best described as thick and rich.

It definitely works very well to remove any traces of makeup, but the cleanser felt like a rich lotion which left a residue on my face (which I can best describe as being like if you have used an oil-based scrub).

Overall this isn’t the right product for me (I prefer lighter/fresher cleansers), but I would highly recommend it for anyone that has dry skin. Stay well away however if oily skin is a concern.

CP x



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