New cruelty-free find: Malin+Goetz

Malin and Goetz Cruelty Free

We recently flew back to the UK to visit family and decided to treat ourselves with a bit of an upgrade.

Not the full ‘front of the plane’ kind of upgrade unfortunately (I spend waaaay too much on cosmetics to ever be able to afford that kind of luxury) – but it was at least one step up from the very back of the plane, which meant we scored one of the complimentary in-flight amenity packs that have products (yay) as well as the usual socks and eye masks.

The pack contained Malin+Goetz products (a face moisturiser, lip moisturiser and hand and body lotion) – a brand that I had never heard of before – and there was nothing on the packaging to note if they were cruelty free. With no internet investigation possible at 30,000 ft, I tossed the pack into my carry-on bag (since I won’t/can’t use any products until I know if they pass my cruelty-free requirements) and left them there to investigate at another time.

So a lot of hours later we finally landed at Heathrow, and launched straight into a crazily busy week catching up with relatives and friends – so busy in fact that I didn’t even give the products from the plane a second thought.

That is until we checked into the St Martins Lane hotel in London the following week …

Malin and Goetz Cruelty Free Malin and Goetz Cruelty Free

The bathroom products at the hotel were from the same Malin+Goetz brand!

It was time to find out more.

A quick Google search revealed that Malin+Goetz is an American brand, started by two animal lovers from New York AND yes it was indeed cruelty-free.

They describe themselves as eco and green, and consider themselves ‘to be natural, since we start with the most trusted natural ingredients and enhance their performance without relying on unnecessary chemicals or preservatives that could potentially harm you and the environment’.

They are also very clear on their animal testing position.

We have never tested on animals and do not plan to ever do so.

More importantly I have fallen in love with the products. I have squeezed every last drop out of the Vitamin E Face Moisturiser, as well as the Cilantro Hair Condition and Peppermint Shampoo – and have started a shopping list of the rest of their products that I want to try. The Grapefruit Cleanser and the Detox Face Mask are currently top of the list.

Unfortunately buying the brand is not easy in Australia. Mecca Cosmetica is currently the only retail chain that stocks Malin+Goetz – but you can also order online.

CP x

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