Getting nude with Napoleon Perdis

Oh my goodness I’m so excited about my latest purchase – I’m feeling like a kid in a candy store right now!

But let’s back track a bit first.

I’ve witnessed in this last week a perfect example of not judging a book by its cover. Napoleon Perdis is a high-profile Australian cosmetic brand that I have been aware of for a very long time. HOWEVER, since they have nothing on their packaging that indicates they are cruelty free, I had always assumed that simply they were not.

When I was catching up last weekend on one of the cruelty-free blogs I follow I was surprised then to see them include Napoleon Perdis in one of their posts. Suddenly not sure of my previous opinion of the brand, I shot the team at NP an email with my usual questions and got the following answer:

Thankyou for sending through your enquiry,

Napoleon Perdis products and ingredients are not tested on animals. Napoleon Perdis does not condone nor support the idea of animal testing for cosmetic purposes; nor do we employ anyone to test on our behalf.

Ingredients such as Lanolin and Beeswax are used in some of our products as they have amazing benefits and qualities. While these ingredients are obtained from sheep’s wool (Lanolin) and bees (Beeswax), they are done in a way that does not harm the animal at all.

We do not sell our products in China

We do not have a parent Company Napoleon Perdis is the Owner of the Napoleon Perdis brand.

So there you go! Lesson learned – you can’t always judge a book by its cover. Although I am perplexed as to why they wouldn’t have this on their products.

Anyway, because I had always believed they were not cruelty free I have never owned a single Napoleon Perdis product – my new found information however meant that was all about to change.

A couple of days later I took myself off to Napoleon Perdis store in my local mall with the intention of buying a single new nude base eye shadow. A simple enough task that shouldn’t have cost more than $29.

The sales assistant was delightful and showed me the individual options available (each at the expected $29). As I ummed and ahhhed about which one to select she leaned in a little closer and said ‘I do have another option if you’d consider spending a little more’. She then promptly pulled out the Napoleon Perdis Nude Palette…oh my – it was love at first sight!

Napoleon Perdis The Ultimate Nude PaletteNapoleon Perdis The Ultimate Nude PaletteNapoleon Perdis The Ultimate Nude Palette

I have long lusted after the infamous Urban Decay Nude Palette – a purchase that I was recently going to make as Urban Decay are a cruelty free brand. However before I made the purchase I found out that Urban Decay is now owned by L’Oreal who are definitely not cruelty free. As I’ve said before, when a company is owned by L’Oreal the profits ultimately go to L’Oreal – so I prefer to stick to purchasing from companies that have cruelty free ethics from top to bottom.

This gorgeous little palette contains eight eye shadows and four highlight and contouring blush tones. It also includes a handy little guide that is meant to show you how to apply the shades to achieve a neutral look for day, or a more glamourous look for evening.

I have to be completely honest and admit that (even with the guide) my makeup application ability is pretty basic so I actually have no idea how to use the palette – but just holding it in my hands makes me feel happy!

Maybe one day I’ll actually learn how to use it.

CP x

One thought on “Getting nude with Napoleon Perdis

  1. megansbeautyblog

    I didn’t know they were cruelty free as well? How nice. It’s good to see an Australian brand in the news feed too :). I’ve bought a lot of Napoleon products and am always happy with them. This seems like the perfect palette for beginners as its not too dark and all the colours are neutral so it doesn’t matter if you make a mistake. Have fun with it. 🙂


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