Thankyou expands body care range

I’ve written before about the Thankyou brand and the amazing work that is funded by the sale of its products.

Profits from the Thankyou body care range fund hygiene and sanitation projects in developing countries – such as teaching people the simple task of washing their hands to help prevent sickness and disease. I’m in awe of these people – and love them even more for the fact that they are also committed to producing cruelty-free products and ethical sourcing.

Ever since I discovered the brand I’ve been a loyal user of their hand wash – which was one of the two founding products in their body care range – and was delighted to discover last month that they have expanded with body wash, hand lotion and hand cream, and soap.

There are two options for the body wash – botanical sweet orange & almond or botanical mint & spring flowers – and currently only one for the soap – goat’s milk & lemon myrtle.

Thankyou Body Wash and Soap Bar

Thankyou Soap Bar

I love the mint body wash; its clean fresh scent is just the invigorating start that I need in the morning. But I find it a little ‘too refreshing’ for my night-time shower. I’m going to pick up the orange body wash the next time I’m in the supermarket and see if that is more suitable for evening use.

My husband (who always chooses soap over shower gel) also gives the soap bar a big thumbs up.

Put Thankyou on your shopping list!

CP x

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