Cruelty-free Christmas gifts

Cruelty-free Christmas Gift Pack Nude by Nature Bush Kit

I know this is a little late – but better late than never hey!?!

As the ‘crazy Christmas retail frenzy’ kicks off at the end of each year, I can’t help but feel a little disheartened by the massive amounts of… well… ‘junk’ that is mass produced.

At the pointy end of my disheartenment, however, lies the multitude of cosmetic packs piled up on the shelves that seem to come in one of two forms – big brands produced by the ‘non cruelty free’ nasty bigs boys of the industry (read L’Oreal, Unilever, P&G etc etc), or the downright cheap and nasty ‘made in China’ type brands that generally don’t give the term ‘cruelty free’ a passing thought.

You can however buy cruelty free – just look what was in my stocking. A De Lorenzo hair care pack, an Eco Pure gift care pack and a Nude by Nature make up brush kit.

Ten out of ten to my lovely family who obviously know me so well!

Cruelty-free Christmas Gift Pack DeLorenzo Hair Care

Cruelty-free Christmas Gift Pack Eco Pure

CP x

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