Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Medicated Gel for Acne Review

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Medicated Gel for Acne

Do you ever play that ‘game’ in your head where you say to yourself ‘by the time I’m X years old I’ll be soooo grown up’?

The assumption for me has always been that by some stroke of birthday-appointed magic at a specific point in time I would suddenly gain, and start to ooze, wisdom, understanding and the contentment that comes from finally feeling like you fit in your own skin.

Well, while my own appointed ‘X’ keeps moving (nope – still not feeling like a grown up yet) I think what I’ve actually come to realise is that you don’t suddenly become ‘wise’ – you just become wise enough to realise that you are who you are and to stop having such unattainable expectations for yourself.

So I’ve let go of that one (and accepted I’ll always be just a little bit immature) – what I did expect however was that by this point in time I would be done with acne.

I was one of those unfortunate teenagers that starts to get breakouts before even starting high school. By the time I actually did start at high school my face was (and remained for the rest of my time there) a bit red ball of angry zits.

I was always covered in the latest and greatest (although looking back now ashamedly probably not cruelty free) lotions and potions, but while my skin rebounded back and forth between ‘as dry as a Ritz cracker’ and ‘oilier than a battered sav’ the zits remained – loud and proud, and refusing to go away.

In all honestly I know I didn’t have it as bad as some – but I still always held out the hope that at the end of my seemingly never-ending ‘zitty’ tunnel would be a future with clear glowing skin.

By the time I was in my early 20s there was definitely an improvement, but unfortunately I’ve never achieved completely clear skin.

It’s not unusual for the odd spot to rear it’s ugly head here and there in any given month, and I can cope with these – but every now and then I’ll still get a full blown outbreak of adult acne.

My latest breakout was a particularly spectacular one – spreading it self from the sides of my face up to my eyebrow line and all the way down to my neck. Like a post-40 victory dance from my acne to remind me that it was still there.

I don’t normally do anything for the odd spot – I’m always been utterly regimented in maintaining a strict cleansing regime (including NEVER going to bed without a shower and removing my makeup) – and normally just let it run its course and cover it up with a bit of light concealer, or a dab of MALIN+GOETZ Acne Treatment Daytime if it needs a little drying out. This particular breakout could not be covered with a dab of concealer however, so I needed to hit it harder than usual.

The well-known (read advertised ubiquitously) acne treatments are all seemingly owned by the large ‘non’ cruelty-free companies – so clearly not something I would use – and to be honest at this stage (age!) in my life my skin doesn’t need the toll that they take. I needed something that would do it’s job but be gentle as well.

Enter Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Medicated Gel for Acne ($9.95) – just one of a range of products that Thursday Plantation has for acne.

According the website, Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Medicated Gel for Acne:

Contains 100% pure Australian Tea Tree Oil, a natural antibacterial ingredient to help control acne. Tea Tree Oil has demonstrated to be as effective as Benzoyl Peroxide in the treatment of mild to moderate acne, with fewer side effects

So no nasty chemicals, natural based AND it’s cruelty free – sign me up!

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Medicated Gel for Acne

Please excuse my ‘squeezed out’ photos – my face was getting ‘angrier’ by the day (by now I was starting to look like I had red side burns). I was desperate to start using it straight away and I forgot to take any ‘pre’ photos.

So… did it work?

My honest answer is yes it did work, BUT it was very slow. A trade off I believe for the fact that it was a much gentler treatment than the chemically-laced products from my teenage years.

Little by little and day by day the breakout did start to become less red, but it took nearly two weeks before it started to clear completely. My skin however remained calm throughout the treatment.

The one big drawback that I have to mention is the smell. Anyone who lives in Australia would know the distinct smell of Australian Tea Tree Oil – and there’s no disguising that. It’s definitely not a product that you want to be wearing to a meeting – or on a date!

Some days I only applied it at night, which might also have had an effect on the treatment time.

Smell aside – if you are looking for a cruelty-free acne/zit treatment then Thursday Plantation Medicated Gel for Acne gets a thumbs up from me.

CP x


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