Review: Red Seal Kids Toothpaste

Red Seal Kids Toothpaste

I’ve found a great toothpaste for my little Miss Seven, that is not only cruelty-free but also sodium lauryl sulphate, paraben and other nasty chemical free as well.

I’ve been using the cruelty-free Red Seal toothpastes for a while (post coming soon), but only recently discovered that they have a kids option as well.

Since ‘bubble gum’ flavour is not really my thing (eww!) I thought I’d go straight to the target market and get Miss Seven to review this one for me.

Me: What do you think of the flavour of this toothpaste?
Miss Seven: I really like it … it tastes fruity.

Me: And does it make your teeth sparkly clean?
Miss Seven: I think so – but I’ve never really checked. I just brush my teeth and move on.

Me: How does you mouth feel when you’ve brushed your teeth?
Miss Seven: It feels like minty inside.

Me: Anything else you’d say about it?
Miss Seven: It’s white!

Me: hahaha.

Me: Ok – back to serious questions, why do you think it’s important to only use products that aren’t tested on animals?
Miss Seven: Well we have animals, and I don’t think anyone should test on animals. It’s naughty.

Me: So the ultimate question – would you buy this toothpaste again?
Miss Seven: Probably – but you buy the shopping and make the decisions.

Me: Fair point!

So there you have it – insightful journalism at it’s very best. But in all seriousness, this is a great option for a kids toothpaste that is  not only cruelty free, but also free from nasty chemicals as well.

Red Seal Kids Toothpaste retails for $3.55.

While I’ve found that the adult versions of Red Seal toothpaste are available in most supermarkets, I’ve only found the kids version either in health food stores or online.

Happy brushing.

CP x

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