Don’t worry – we haven’t just spelled it wrong, we really did mean to say ‘cosmethic’.

We’ll explain what we mean, but first we’ll start by saying welcome to our site!

We’re two sisters – Carolyn and Sarah – and A Life Cosmethic is the story of our journey as we search for the best cruelty-free and ethical cosmetics – or as we’ve renamed them … cosmethics!
(See what we did there – put together cosmetics and ethics and came up with cosmethics – clever huh!)  😉

Anyway … we’re both crazy about cosmetics, but in recent years we’ve become more conscious about the products we’re using. We’ve also become a little dismayed as some of our favourite brands have lost their PETA status.

Cosmetics, by their very nature are non-essential – they exist simply to pander to our own vanity by improving our looks – therefore we don’t think any animal or anyone else should have suffered in any way to create the product.  Nor do we think that they should contain a whole host of chemical ingredients that are maybe doing doing us more harm than we know.

We’ve both been wanting to use only cruelty-free and ethical cosmetics, but have struggled to find information to help us choose, find and buy great ethical brands and products.

What do all those little symbols mean? What do the claims actually mean? What brands are ethical? And what brands stay ethical?

We figured that if we’re searching for this information then maybe (hopefully) others are as well and so we decided to share our findings.

So this is it … we’ve emptied out the cupboards and are committing to a life of only ethical cosmetics!

As well as cosmetics we’re looking at skin care, body care, hair care, baby products, fragrance and household products.

Our definition of ethical = must never be tested on animals (not even because the Chinese government says it must be) – and ideally also contains minimal nasty chemical ingredients.

A little more about us …

Carolyn (CP)
Lives in Australia.Mother of one (Miss M).

Works in corporate communications and also owns an online store offering petite fashion and clothing for women 5ft 3in or under.

Sarah (SJP)
Lives in the UK.Mother of three boys (Masters A, H and M).

Training to be a kinesiologist

One thought on “About

  1. Jenie Huynh

    Hey guys , just came across your site after looking for swisse night cream reviews. Love your little site and cant wait for the petite online store. We pretty much got something in common.

    I live in Sydney Australia and I have a sister that lives in London : )


    Jenie xox


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