Spelt banana muffins

Recipe: Spelt banana fruit muffins – perfect for lunch boxes!

School packed lunches are the absolute bane of my week. I know they should be filled with healthy goodness — but, as a time-poor working mum, trying to find things in the cupboard every morning that are fresh, nutritious and delicious (so that Miss Eight will actually eat them) is an ongoing chore! While I’m still […]

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Dietlicious 10-Day Cleanse Program

Cleansing the Dietlicious way!

As spring rolled in a few months back I took the time to do a little self-reflection, and realised that it was not only my house that needed a good spring clean. A post-winter weigh in registered a 2kg increase on the scales. What concerned me more however was that I’d fallen into a routine […]

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Almond Meal (wheat free) apple crumble

Recipe: Almond meal (wheat-free) apple crumble

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, and so desserts aren’t something I normally get too excited about – but there’s something about winter that makes me start to crave warm puddings (and custard if I’m honest … yum!) So not too surprisingly – with winter well and truly here – on a recent trip […]

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Breakfast Zucchini Fritters

Recipe: Breakfast Zucchini Fritters

In my ongoing efforts to make sure my ‘eggs are in the right basket’ (see here), I’ve been seeing a nutritionist for the past couple of months. While I thought I was eating a fairly healthy diet (entirely red-meat free and mostly vegetarian) it turns out there wasn’t anywhere near enough protein in the mix. […]

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Eggs in basket

Are your eggs in the right basket?

It has been a while – i know. But I do have an excuse … honestly! As I said in one of my posts last year (see here), I’ve spent most of the past year consciously trying to live more slowly and deliberately. This isn’t anything new, or radical, just trying to be more aware […]

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Sweet potato and quinoa chilli recipe

Receipe: Sweet potato and quinoa chilli

For anyone looking for vegan recipe inspiration I highly recommend you head on over to The Simple Veganista. My addiction to butter (I’ll argue until the day I die that it is far better than chemically-laced margarine spreads – YUCK!) means that I could never follow a true vegan diet – but I do love […]

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