Swisse Womens Deodorant Spray

Swisse Women’s Deodorant Spray – both cruelty and aluminium free!

Finding a suitable deodorant has been one of the biggest challenges since deciding to commit 100% to using only cruelty-free products. I started the search with MooGoo Fresh Cream Deodorant, which I rated fairly well – but it just didn’t quite cut the mark when faced with the intensity of a Queensland summer. Sub tropical […]

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A Bit Hippy

A Bit Hippy – cutest delivery box ever!

It’s been a while since I last posted (day job, Christmas, moving etc took over I’m afraid) – but it’s a new year and we’re back with the ins and outs of the best cruelty-free products around. This isn’t a product post today – but simply something I had to share. I wrote about the […]

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Cruelty-free solutions for sensitive skin

On a recent trip to a local health-food store looking for buckwheat (my sister Sarah has put me on a wheat-free diet – I’ll explain another time!) I found a new cruelty-free range. A Bit Hippy offers something a little different however as it is designed specifically for people with sensitive skin. Now I don’t […]

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My Cruelty-Free Travel Bag

I’m travelling this week for work – which meant packing a suitcase. It was only when I arrived at my hotel and unpacked my toiletry bag that I realised I have transitioned enough of my products to have an ENTIRELY cruelty-free bag of toiletries – yay me! Shampoo – Aesop Nurturing Shampoo Conditioner – Aesop […]

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Lemony-fresh pits!

When I started on this journey, the one product for which I had the most concerns about finding suitable alternatives was deodorant. While I’m trying to remove as many chemicals as possible from my products, I’m not quite ready to start rubbing crystals on my arm pits yet. I also live in Brisbane – Australia […]

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