Acure hair care

(A)cure for the frizzies

When I started writing this blog my main goal was to find the best cruelty-free products I could find. Along the way, however—as I’ve learned more about the beauty and cosmetic industry—I’ve also gained a greater awareness of the sheer number of unnecessary, and often ‘iffy’, chemicals/toxins that we expose ourselves to everyday with our […]

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Quit Nits Complete Head Lice Kit

Product review: Quitnits Complete Head Lice Kit

Oh the joys of parenthood! Somehow I managed to get through my entire childhood and adult life to date without having head lice – but that run of success came to a grounding halt this week – yikes. After spending the Easter weekend at the beach I noticed Miss Six scratching repeatedly, however despite checking thoroughly through […]

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Cruelty-Free Hair Detanglers

Cruelty-Free Hair Detanglers for Kids

Mornings are not a happy time for my poor little Miss Six, as every day we have to tackle the matted mass of knots that have developed in her hair overnight. I have no idea how it happens – she doesn’t even move around that much when she sleeps – but she has super-fine hair and LOTS of […]

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Puretopia Rinse Away Face Cleansing Gel

Getting Pure with Puretopia

The Puretopia range is another range that I found purely by chance a few months back while on my hands and knees scanning the lower shelf (unfortunately where the smaller cruelty-free brands seem to be relegated) in my local Priceline. The range includes skin, body and hair care – and was developed as a ‘generation […]

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Cruelty-free Christmas Gift Pack Nude by Nature Bush Kit

Cruelty-free Christmas gifts

I know this is a little late – but better late than never hey!?! As the ‘crazy Christmas retail frenzy’ kicks off at the end of each year, I can’t help but feel a little disheartened by the massive amounts of… well… ‘junk’ that is mass produced. At the pointy end of my disheartenment, however, […]

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Sanctum Australia at Rydges Hotels

We took a trip to Sydney on the weekend for a friend’s birthday party – which meant I had to pack for a couple of nights away. I’m the first to admit that I am absolutely terrible at packing. I absolutely hate doing it, and I always procrastinate leaving it to the last minute with eleventh-hour panic packing […]

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