Cruelty-Free Products

If you’ve arrived at our blog then hopefully you share with us the belief that no cosmetic, make up, skin care or house hold cleaning products should ever be tested on animals.

We realise however that finding cruelty-free products is not always that easy – So we’ve put together these lists of the brands and products that we’ve discovered meet all of our requirements.

Please rest assured that if a brand or product is on our list then we have contacted the companies ourselves to ask the following questions:

  1. Do you – either directly or through a 3rd party – test your products or ingredients on animals?
  2. Have the ingredients you use to make your products been tested on animals?
  3. Do you distribute your products in any markets that require your products to be tested on animals (e.g. China)?
  4. Are you owned by a parent company – and if so who? (This is important to us as we don’t want to support cruelty-free brands when the profits go back to a non-cruelty-free parent company).
  5. Do you use palm oil in your products and if so is it from a sustainable source?

Only when we have had a positive response from the company do we include them in our lists.

Please understand that while we try our very best to keep these lists up to date there may unfortunately be times when there may be incorrect information. Brands generally don’t advertise when they have changed their ethical beliefs (or sold out by selling into China) or been sold to a parent company – so if you see anything that you think needs updating please give us a shout.

Happy cruelty-free cosmetic shopping!

Cruelty free brands

Cruelty-free baby products

Cruelty-free cleaning products

Cruelty-free dental care

Cruelty-free fragrances

Cruelty-free hair care

Cruelty-free make up

Cruelty-free skin care

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