Cruelty-Free Baby Products

Choosing the right products to put on your children’s skin is not easy. The one thing we can guarantee you is that you shouldn’t be buying those ‘big’ brands from the supermarkets that everyone knows simply because they have huge marketing budgets to advertise.

There are so many other brands and products out there that we hope you’ll try – not only because they do not test on animals, but also because they include natural ranges which means you’re not applying unnecessary chemicals to delicate young skin.

The below brands all have cruelty-free baby ranges.

If you are looking for other cruelty-free specific products then see our other pages:

Cruelty-free cleaning products, Cruelty-free dental care, Cruelty-free fragrances, Cruelty-free hair care, Cruelty-free make up, Cruelty-free skin care, Cruelty-free tanning and sun care.

Brand Products Product Reviews Website Available
Eco Store A ‘no nasty chemicals’ range that includes cleaning, baby, skin and hair care products. Woolworths, select stores and online.
Gaia Skin Naturals Skin and body care, baby and pregnancy products and a men’s range. Coles, Target, selected pharmacies and baby stores, and online.
MooGoo A range of natural skin and scalp care products originating from a cream used repair cows’ udders. MooGoo Fresh Cream Deodorant Review In pharmacies, health food and selected stores in Australia, NZ, Ireland, Malaysia, UK and California.
Natural Instinct Natural face, body, hand, hair, baby, sun and sensitive care products. Priceline and select pharmacies.
Yes To Face, hair, skin, lip and baby products – verified as cruelty free by PETA. Yes To Brand Priceline in Australia, and ASOS and Debenhams in the UK.
Wot Not Eco friendly,
& organic baby and sun care products, and facial wipes. Select health, stores, pharmacies, independent supermarkets and online.

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