Ouch Insect Sprays

Ouch Sprays – Summer essentials!

I popped into my local health store this morning (needed to stock up on my favourite cruelty-free hair dye) and noticed they also now stock Ouch Sprays—hooray! I love Ouch Sprays, and so with Summer just around the corner (can’t believe Spring starts tomorrow) I grabbed both the ‘Herbal Insect Repellent’ and the ‘Instant Herbal […]

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Swisse Hand Cream Heaven!

Am going to cut straight to the punch here and declare that Swisse Hand Cream is hands down my new favourite hand cream! This was my first Swisse skin care purchase – found while on my hands and knees searching through the bottom shelf at Coles (the only place it appears that the supermarkets allocate […]

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