Almond Meal (wheat free) apple crumble

Recipe: Almond meal (wheat-free) apple crumble

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, and so desserts aren’t something I normally get too excited about – but there’s something about winter that makes me start to crave warm puddings (and custard if I’m honest … yum!) So not too surprisingly – with winter well and truly here – on a recent trip […]

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Sweet potato and quinoa chilli recipe

Receipe: Sweet potato and quinoa chilli

For anyone looking for vegan recipe inspiration I highly recommend you head on over to The Simple Veganista. My addiction to butter (I’ll argue until the day I die that it is far better than chemically-laced margarine spreads – YUCK!) means that I could never follow a true vegan diet – but I do love […]

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Recipe: Hummingbird Cake

I realise this is a recipe for cake that I’m sharing – but, as I’ve said before, my philosophy about eating is that you can eat whatever you want AS LONG as it’s in moderation, and you make it yourself from raw/fresh ingredients! An occasional slice of homemade cake is perfectly acceptable (in my opinion) […]

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